Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is at the Top of its Game

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a remarkable company with remarkable results. Founded in 1991, the leading document processing company began its journey as a small, local title company only concerned about serving its immediate area. Today it is the largest lien release and assignments provider in the world.


Nationwide has been voted as being included in the top best 100 companies for employees to work for in five of the last six years according to the Tampa Bay Times. The company has 578 employees who are highly trained and who also have over 100 advanced training courses that help them be schooled for advancement, and which the workforce can pursue on a voluntary basis. Over 70% of the workforce participates in these extra courses.


The proprietary technology employed by Nationwide allows the reach into every county and jurisdiction in the United States. They are even able to receive information from records that are not stored digitally but are stored in manilla folders in metal filing cabinets. The hallmark of a successful wholesale document company is how quickly and how accurately they can deliver documents.


Online ordering by clients was recently introduced by making provision on the company’s website. Making the availability of property reports online has gone a long way to help clients verify the accuracy of these reports. If they can be checked out online, defects can be discovered and corrected without having to wait for them to arrive physically.


Nationwide has a .78% failure rate and a 99.98 compliance rate. These are remarkable statistics, and they simply meant that the delivery rate and accuracy are nearly at the 100% level. It is no wonder that the company enjoys such success with top mortgage companies all over the country.


Nationwide’s program for scoring past trailing documents has been a big factor in helping the company prevent future errors and defects. Chelsea Seguin, the company’s Assistant Vice-President of File Services has stated in her recent White Paper that when you keep the score, the score improves. Seguin points out that by looking back at past statistics, there are many possible savings and efficiencies that can be noted and repeated, while the negatives can be isolated and watched so that they are not repeated.


There are good reasons why Nationwide Title Clearing is the leader in their industry. They make best practices of what works, and then they continue to use those practices and eliminate what does not work.


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