Every Day Video Visitation With The Securus App

The Securus app has become our lifeline since we started talking to our cousins in jail. We have been wondering how they were doing, but there was no other way to talk to them because we had to call the jail with a special service. I found out that I could do a video with Securus, and that is when I started with them. They are great for special occasions, but Securus works every day.

We have Securus on our phones, and one of us calls them every day just to make sure that someone is checking on them. We have this great system that works for our family because it gives our cousins the assurance that they need because they are both stuck in jail. We know that we cannot do much more for them, but we want to at least do this for them because we know that it makes a difference.

I have called them a lot over the video feature, and we always have much better talks because we can see each other. I know that this seems small to some people, but I prefer to see them. We grew up with these kids, and this is the only thing that we know. We have to talk to them face to face.

I would tell anyone to use the Securus app because it can get people in touch in seconds. I can make a video call to a jail, and that is something that people would never have been able to do in the past. We would have had to make our way to the jail, and that is just not going to work for us. This is a much better way for us to talk, and it is happening on all our phones every day.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.