Not Your Average Facebook Personality Test


We have always been told that celebrities are just average people just like ourselves. The question begs, how much, though? The reason magazines, talk shows, social media, and news are so profitable is because we are so nosy about what goes on with people who we see living the dream life. We eat up their flaws and quirks- although no one says, ” It’s okay that my life is a mess because Kylie Jenner is still getting it together too.” -we do find comfort in the little things.

Checking horoscopes has always been an easy way to find out what celeb is just like you but what about a personality read that’s a little deeper? People have looked to Myers & Briggs Foundation for such matters. The foundation has created a personality test to fit you into 16 personality types that work for everyone. Are you a Defender(ISFJ famous people) like Kanye West; someone who sees their world and all information they hold with them in a more valued light? What about a Srategist (famous INTJs) like Jay-Z? A born leader and observer- someone who can turn a situation around after taking mental notes from a step back?

You might even be part of the one percent of people who fall into the Confident(INFJ) like Mahatma Gandhi; a person who is gentle but instinctive? Myers & Briggs Foundation provide descriptions of all types for you to look through along with a link to the actual test so you can find out for yourself what kind of personality type you fall into. This test is very intricate, there are about 93 questions but they are all short and sweet. It takes about 10 minutes to complete and after wards you’ll no longer have to click “Which Celeb are You Most Like?” on Facebook anymore!