Why Bob Reina Wants To Give Away Free Talk Fusion Accounts

Bob Reina has generated millions in sales of Talk Fusion products, but now he’s adding an initiative to provide a free monthly-access account that associates can give away to a non-profit group. Bob Reina is active in several charities in his Tampa, RL neighborhood and he knows that his video marketing products can help many charities around the world inform people of their causes and create a powerful story.

According to Forbes, Bob Reina’s company has been changing many things about marketing that have built strong relationships between businesses and their customers through email newsletters, and now charity groups can keep their supporters up to date with developments and new plans.

Bob Reina really didn’t know how important his Talk Fusion company would become when he first had the idea. He served the Tampa area as a police officer for many years, but then got tired of the usual routine and decided to form his own business endeavors.

While trying out different multilevel marketing niches, Reina came across video emails while vacationing up in North Carolina. He saw how using videos in emails could be highly useful and noticed there was no program to do it at the time, so he worked with a friend of his, Jonathan Chen to build one of his own.

But once that program was finished, he decided to add in newsletters, signup forms, online meeting applications and an array of other software that soon became the baseline of Talk Fusion.

Reina has since become a speaker and a contributor to several marketing technology publications including the Huffington Post and MarTech Advisor where he has an article on the “video advertising trends of 2017.” He also started the Talk Fusion Pays that introduced people to becoming Talk Fusion associates that earn income from referring others and reselling the products in addition to signing them up for free trials.

Those free trials last 30 days and don’t even require a credit card to get started. Associates can dedicate as little or as much time as they’d like to making sales, but those who dedicate themselves to Talk Fusion’s high monthly sales volumes can earn exquisite rewards.