Todd Lubar: Business Brief

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur, investor, real estate agent, businessperson and loan originator. He is currently employed as the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He and his entire family presently reside in Bethesda, Maryland. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1995, more info can be found on crunchbase profile.

Past Employment

Not too long after graduating with a degree in communications, he accepted a position working in the real estate business. Specifically, he was employed by Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. While working in this position he gained an education in conservative mortgage banking and he also learned about the value of accumulating business contacts.

In 1999 Lubar held an equity position with the Legacy Financial Group. While employed there he lent funds as a direct mortgage bank and brokered additional loans to specific investors. It was 2002 when he took his employment in the real estate industry to yet another level.

He launched a residential development business called Legendary Properties, LLC. His company focused on the acquisition, rehabilitation and the sale of (more than) 200 individual properties. Said acquisitions vary. Some are single family homes and others are large multi-family buildings.

The next year Lubar launched Charter Funding. Charter Funding is actually a subsidiary of another business, the First Magnus Financial Corporation. FMFC is reported to be one of the most renowned, privately-owned mortgage companies in the U.S.

He had also spent the past 12 years studying the market as well. His research in this area led him to the discovery of a number of overlooked and therefore underserved clients. Thus he founded Legendary Financial LLC, a new affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC, and a privately-owned commercial lending firm for both individuals and companies.

With over 7,000 separate transactions added to his repertoire. Todd Lubar had honed his talent to determine all potential risk factors involved with almost any loan scenario and can make the right decisions based largely on what he knows about the present market conditions. During 2007 and 2008 he diversified the bulk of his investments and broadened his financial interests into other kinds of businesses such as automotive metal recycling and commercial demolition.

Additional Interests

Lubar has other interests, too, including his two kids. He likes to travel and also likes Orange County, California. Keen on self-improvement, he endeavors to improve as a person each day and strives to add something of value to everyone’s lives.

Check out his Facebook account for more details.

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Don Ressler first made a big splash with a tech startup that is called Dermstore. This is a site that sells cosmetics and other products that are related to skincare. Don got the idea for this business venture after discovering that many of the other sites that sold these products were very lacking in their inventories. He also noticed that many of these same sites were severely overpriced. Therefore, he determined that this was a good industry to break into because there was not much decent competition. Don Ressler felt that customers would start coming in droves if he gave them a good selection of products at fair prices. He turned out to be right.

Venture capitalists and other investors wanted to work with Don after the resounding success of Dermstore. He then went on to create a site called JustFab that sells a wide variety of clothing. This site became so popular that it spawned another site called Fabletics that sells athletic apparel on There seems to be nothing that Don is not able to do in the world of tech startups. All of his business ventures turn to gold and become very profitable in no time at all.

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The Teaneck, New Jersey native is one of the top “thinkers” in society today and he uses his powers for great causes. Eric Pulier created one of the first private social media networks for chronically ill kids. Starbright World instantly became a hit as it allowed these special kids to communicate and to share each others perspectives. This helped to raise the moral of the situation, which was heaven sent in the end. Pulier also created multimedia educational programs for people who suffer from physical disabilities and he has brought technology into underprivileged communities throughout the world. His ability to incorporate technology into everyday lives is simply amazing. He was the top billed nominee at the 2010 U.S. “Doctors For Africabenefit and he’s won numerous other philanthropic awards throughout the years.

Pulier has a clear path in life thanks to his clear vision and train of thought. This technological master sold one of his last founded companies for up to $350 Million as well. This is revolutionizing at it’s finest and Eric Pulier epitomizes it the best.