Crystal Hunt Beauty and Brains

Who is Crystal Hunt? Crystal Hunt is an American born actress and producer but is most commonly known for her roles in daytime television. Starring in both Guiding Light and One Life to Live, Crystal is popular among soap opera connoisseurs.

Although Hunt has been active as an actress for over thirteen years, her acting experience started when she was just two years of age. At the young age of two Crystal was entered into pageants but even then her true talent was acting.She continued to participate in pageants throughout her childhood. However, what really got her career going in the fast lane was her entry into daytime television at the age of seventeen in New York City.

Hunt as always been a mover and a shaker but even before Hunt she a daytime television A- lister, she was already meeting celebrities such as the band NSYNC. During this time Crystal worked alongside the band for a short time while working on a commercial.

Hunt’s filmography is as diverse as she is as she has worn many different hats. Her accomplishments in the acting world include starring in two soap operas, sitcoms, major motion pictures; including Magic Mike XXL, television advertisements, announcing for television shows, emceeing events for Country Music Television, and even producing.

She has an entrepreneurial spirit as well. Hunt is a business owner who operates a thriving, upscale pet boutique. The store is located in her hometown of Clearwater Florida. Hunt is an established actress with way more than one trick up her sleeve.  Join the rest of her fans on her personal Facebook.