Mike Baur And The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the principal at the Swiss Startup Factory, and he is in the business of helping businesses grow from the startup phase. The startup phase is where many businesses are stuck, and they are looking for ways to fund their ideas in a more responsible way. This article explains how the work Mike does at the Swiss Startup Factory helps those who are in need of help beginning what may be a successful business.


#1: The Business’ Funding


Funding a new startup is quite simple when it has been structured properly. Mike speaks to each of his clients to ensure they understand the amount of money they need, and he lets them know when they are reaching their funding goals. He knows quite a lot of people who are interested in helping with funding, and he pairs businesses with venture capitalists who have the money to spend.


#2: Building A Functional Business


Mike believes in creating a functional businesses that will operate on a level that is far beyond what other businesses may need. He wants all his clients to know how to build a board of directors, and he wants them to select the proper people to serve in management positions. His joy is in watching a business become fully-fledged when it was small in the beginning.


#3: How Does Mike Service Clients?


Mike is hands-on with each client until they are no longer a startup. There comes a point at which the client is a business with plenty of capital and prospects for the future. He releases them into the world where they may do the most good for others. He will keep in touch, and he is free to offer guidance where it is needed in the future. Building a company from the ground up is simple, and the relationships are the most important part of any growing businesses. Mike’s customer service is legendary and it offers a beacon of hope for each client.


Make Baur is a relationship and startup expert who understands how to build a startup that will grow into something special, and he shows his clients how to start something that may be sustained long in the future. He knows quite a few of clients are simply not in the business of building their businesses as their do not have the acumen, and he helps them find the right direction to move.