Step Aside Chapstick, It’s the EOS

Late last year, the Fast Company Magazine published an article detailing the incredible strategy of lip balm startup EOS. EOS or the Evolution of Smooth has been put up against tight competition such as Blistex and Chapstick, the brand once synonymous with lip balm around the county. Quickly outgrowing the competition, EOS lip balm is taking hold as one of the most popular beauty brands to date, attracting celebrity customers like the Kardashian family and even Miley Cirus. So, what’s so great about EOS? It’s their strategy. In the article, Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder shed some light on exactly how EOS took hold so quickly.

Sanjiv saw a product that has been largely untouched in decades, and a large opportunity to stimulate the lip balm market. It really broke down to only just two integral plays that made EOS the second biggest name in lip balm.

  1. Creating a brand for women
  2. Advertising to the right age group

By creating a brand for woman, there was a significant increase in interest in the product. Lip balm went from a bare necessity to a unique and fun beauty product. This alone attracted millions of women to the brand; all seeing a unique and inspiring twist on an otherwise unnoticeable product. The second play was getting the product in the right hands. By marketing their product to millennial, not only did they increase their customer base, but the tech-savvy, Facebook and social media happy girls took their new favorite beauty product to all new heights.

Lime Crime Cosmetic Designer Empowers Women Through Color

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There are truly amazing ways to mix, match, and blend LC cosmetics. Deere used her unconventional way of thinking to impress her wearers. Visit YouTube for tutorials of hundreds of women around the world that inspire others with creative ways to mix and match her products. You can also visit their sister company, Dolls Kills, for interesting accessories, shoes, and clothing items that compliment her bold cosmetics. Deere challenged her wearers in an online interview by urging them to find out what they’re good at and perfecting their craft. She insists that her dream would have never come to fruition if, it wasn’t for her drive.


She discovered that she had a knack for marketing by making novelty tattoos a hit in her native Russia. She knew that popularizing them by wearing them would make them a precious commodity among her friends and it did because she began selling them to her friends. She enjoyed having products that her friends could relate to and enjoyed. Temporary tattoos was her first bout with marketing at the age of thirteen. Deere is now a successful marketing analyst and technology specialist. She also has a certification from design school.


Doe Deere has expanded her creative colors with a Unicorn hair dye line that is completely ammonia and bleach free. Customers get a 700 ml full jar that offers one application or two touch-ups. You get the resilient colors that the LC name is widely known for having including colors like Metallic and Sorbet. She ensures her customers that all of her products will always be cruelty-free and hypoallergenic that is safe for all skin types. Each of her colors are crafted with your skin and hair in mind. You can learn more about Lime Crime by visiting their exclusive website today.


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How The Founders of EOS Stood Out in a Crowded Market

Lip balm used to be regarded as a practical, yet boring unisex product. The staple design of lip balm was a simple and unexciting cylindrical tube. This was the unchallenged reality of the lip balm market until the advent of the Evolution of Smooth. For decades, major brands such as Blistex and Chapstick crowded the lip balm shelves in every major retailer like Target, Walmart and even Amazon. In an interview with Fast Company, the founders of EOS revealed how the unchanging lip balm market provided them with an excellent opportunity for growth. Because the largest companies had remained uncontested for years, they began to slow down and focus on cutting costs rather than perfecting their product.

Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra, the founders of EOS lip balm, recognized this stagnation and decided to capitalize on the opportunity. By introducing a completely new concept to the lip balm product, the duo was able to transform the market and bring a new sense of vitality and fashion. EOS lip balm quickly became an appealing and trendy beauty product to use. With the help of major celebrities and social media influencers, EOS lip balm was able to promote their new product quite successfully. In fact, EOS became one of the most active advertisers in their market.

One of the key strategies that helped EOS ( to grow quickly and efficiently was a clear understanding of their target consumer base. Before designing their lip balm product, Mehra and Teller examined the consumer demographics of the market. They realized that a large majority of purchases came specifically from women. EOS made a strategic decision to focus their new product on appealing only to women. This precise decision helped to guide the company in terms of design and marketing. It was this deliberate action that helped EOS to stand out amongst the crowded lip balm market.

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