Hussain Sajwani – Reputed Businessman Based in Dubai and Founder of Damac Properties

When talking about the development that has taken place in the real estate sector of the United Arab Emirates, the contributions made by Damac Properties cannot be skipped. Hussain Sajwani is the founder of Damac Properties and currently, serves as the company’s chairman. Even though Hussain Sajwani led a comfortable life in the United States, where he went to study, he returned to Dubai after realizing the hidden potential of the real estate space of the region. He also knew about the fact that as per government decree, the non-Emiratis can also invest in the real estate sphere and people from abroad can invest in the real estate development without any worries. It would open the door to many opportunities in the real estate space, and he knew it well.



Hussain Sajwani is also the founder and owner of Al Jazeera services, which is the first company he started after his studies completed. Al Jazeera Services is a market leader in its segment and currently manages over 200 projects simultaneously, which speaks about the scale at which it operates in today’s date. Damac owner is mostly busy with the real estate firm, but he manages to devote part of his time to the business development and other initiatives of Al Jazeera services. It is what has helped the company to continue with its growth momentum for so long. Al Jazeera Services serves close to 200,000 meals every day, which is also a great indicator of the scale of operations the company is managing presently.



Hussain Sajwani understands that to ensure Damac Properties continues to grow and prosper in the current speed; different marketing techniques need to be implemented. It is for this reason; he designs marketing techniques like giving away Bentleys and other popular sports car with unit purchase. It has helped Damac’s owner to be known as not only the real estate tycoon in the industry but also a marketing genius. Damac Properties has developed and sold close to 44,000 residential and commercial units so far, and the count continues to increase with the passing time. Hussain Sajwani knows the US President Donald Trump well, and share a cordial relationship. Also, Hussain Sajwani family is known to be very close to the Trump’s family, and have shared wonderful moments in the past together.

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