Hussain Sajwani – Reputed Businessman Based in Dubai and Founder of Damac Properties

When talking about the development that has taken place in the real estate sector of the United Arab Emirates, the contributions made by Damac Properties cannot be skipped. Hussain Sajwani is the founder of Damac Properties and currently, serves as the company’s chairman. Even though Hussain Sajwani led a comfortable life in the United States, where he went to study, he returned to Dubai after realizing the hidden potential of the real estate space of the region. He also knew about the fact that as per government decree, the non-Emiratis can also invest in the real estate sphere and people from abroad can invest in the real estate development without any worries. It would open the door to many opportunities in the real estate space, and he knew it well.



Hussain Sajwani is also the founder and owner of Al Jazeera services, which is the first company he started after his studies completed. Al Jazeera Services is a market leader in its segment and currently manages over 200 projects simultaneously, which speaks about the scale at which it operates in today’s date. Damac owner is mostly busy with the real estate firm, but he manages to devote part of his time to the business development and other initiatives of Al Jazeera services. It is what has helped the company to continue with its growth momentum for so long. Al Jazeera Services serves close to 200,000 meals every day, which is also a great indicator of the scale of operations the company is managing presently.



Hussain Sajwani understands that to ensure Damac Properties continues to grow and prosper in the current speed; different marketing techniques need to be implemented. It is for this reason; he designs marketing techniques like giving away Bentleys and other popular sports car with unit purchase. It has helped Damac’s owner to be known as not only the real estate tycoon in the industry but also a marketing genius. Damac Properties has developed and sold close to 44,000 residential and commercial units so far, and the count continues to increase with the passing time. Hussain Sajwani knows the US President Donald Trump well, and share a cordial relationship. Also, Hussain Sajwani family is known to be very close to the Trump’s family, and have shared wonderful moments in the past together.

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Exploring the Depths of the Brown Agency

A real fashion statement speaks volumes about a person. A lot of individuals in the world have made real money out of style and design, primarily because they chose to symbolize different brands across the globe. In Austin, Texas is a fashion and print model agency by the name of The Brown Agency. Since 2010, the organization has been recruiting models to advertise on its different fashion ideas to the rest of the world. In only a span of seven years, The Brown Agency has evolved from a regional company to one with international representation. Presently, it works with some of the biggest brands in the market, and they include Toyota, Loreal, Dell, and Louis Vuitton just to mention but a few.

As a modeling recruitment corporation, The Brown Agency has been able to bring on board models, train them and then deliver their unique services to numerous companies across the globe. The company recruits its branding agents several times a year by accepting resumes and photo templates which then have to undergo some vetting process. Applications are open to people of all ages and gender. Therefore, The Brown Agency is an equal opportunity corporation that hires people based on their competence levels. Brown Agency is the brainchild of Justin Brown, a man that has been modeling through most of his adult life. For a long time, the company has been nurturing individuals to appear in various high-end films. Thus, the Brown Agency has been instrumental in creating ideal conditions for the growth and development of professional talent in the entertainment industry. Justin, just like any other individual has had his fair share of troubles. Brown started off his career by washing golf carts at a meager pay. However, on the realization that modeling was more rewarding than his golf cart washing business, Justin chose to spend most of his time modeling.

The Brown Agency has transformed from an ordinary corporation to one that actively competes against other companies of the same caliber. Under the leadership of Justin Brown as CEO and President, The Brown Agency has been able to thrive in a highly competitive market. Justin has brought years of experience to the Brown Agency, working alongside an individual like Michael B. Bonnee. Models are presently showcased on digital and print media thus giving the agency a large platform to sell its ideas. In a recent expansion move, Justin Brown merged hands with Heyman Talent South’s Michael Bonnee to come up with an all-round modeling corporation. So far, the new and robust company seems to be bearing fruit. Its successes have been brought about by real leadership coupled with the organization’s ability to incorporate technology in all its operations.

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Podcast Advertising: A Game Changer

Technology has brought a lot of change in our world. The traditional sources of information that has been with us for more than a century (television, radio and the newspaper) are now being challenged by new forms of media. The dawn of the internet introduced new forms of broadcasting medium where we get our information from.

The television industry is having serious competition with YouTube and other video streaming websites; the end of the newspaper can be seen in the horizon as more and more people turn to the internet for news articles; and finally, the birth of podcasts has challenged the radio for a few years now. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

PR Newswire believes that Norman Pattiz has seen this kind of change coming, so he initiated a move that would turn his company into one of the largest radio network in the US. Norman founded Westwood One, which has grown tremendously under his leadership and has owned and managed a number of other smaller networks.

He also partnered with the giant media companies to distribute programs through his radio network, and one of the most recent innovations that he introduced was PodcastOne. Introduced in the 2010s, PodcastOne has grown to become the leading advertising platform in their field, and managed to produce over 200 programs broadcasted across the United States.

With their success in the field of advertising, PodcastOne is being frequented by brands resulting in a rise of profit from ad revenues alone. But PodcastOne has become curious as to how podcasting effectively helps in advertising a product, so they teamed up with a well-known research firm called Edison Research and commenced their study that would run from four to six weeks.

During this time period, they will be playing advertisement from different brands in different locations and see how it would affect their business.

The researchers have found four different major points in their study:

  1. Whenever a grocery product is advertised through podcast, 60 percent of listeners would remember it and would actually make a purchase.
  1. Unaided product awareness went up to 47 percent related to financial services, 37 percent for automobile products and 24 percent for lawn and gardening products.
  1. When advertised through podcast, automobiles products and lawn and gardening products are most likely to be purchased by one third of the total number of people who listened to their advertisement.
  1. The advertisement that ran through podcast has left positive impression to automobile products and restaurant businesses.

These major points that have been discovered through the study would just strengthen the brands’ trust to podcast advertising, giving PodcastOne a bright future ahead.

Securus Technologies is a Wonderful Program That Anyone Can Benefit From Utilizing

Securus Technologies is a program of communications that’s bringing people together through a safe, secure, a convenient form of videoconferencing. Unfortunately, inmates and their visitors are not necessarily provided with too many options of conveniently communicating with one another. Due to such a shortage of convenient means of communicating, it’s highly recommended for inmates and anyone who would be considering to visit them to see what exactly the program is about by visiting the website that has been set up specifically to make navigating within it easy.


Securus Technologies isn’t simply a form of convenient communicating for both inmates and their visitors, it is also one that is tremendously benefiting communities, as law enforcement organizations can utilize the conversations that occur between the parties on the program to proceed with investigative procedures should it be necessary. Crimes have been solved through the utilization of the Securus Technologies program, as inmates have engaged in conversations with their visitors through the program in which they had spoken about illegal matters that were occurring in the correctional facilities. What many people are not necessarily aware of is that many crimes are actually occurring in correctional facilities in which corrupt officers are taking part in crimes due to thinking they can easily get away with them. What they may not necessarily know is that inmates can essentially speak about any and all activities that occur in the correctional facilities through the Securus Technologies program, in which the chat sessions can be utilized by law enforcement to proceed with opening investigative cases should it be necessary to do so.


By speaking with a help desk professional on the website of Securus Technologies, you can have assurance of knowing that you’ll be receiving the assistance that you need to begin utilizing a program that’s been specifically designed for its immediate users and communities to benefit from.