Mrs. Betsy Devos is an education reformist and a robust American woman entrepreneur. She has served for the government of the United States as the 11th Secretary of Education. Betsy has played a larger part in the society leading her life as philanthropic personnel.

Ordinarily, she has contributed positively in politics. Mrs. Betsy was born in Holland Michigan on 8th January 1958. Betsy is a hard working citizen, she has served as National Committeewoman for Michigan for five years from 1992-1997 then later as from 1996 to 2000 she worked as a chairwoman of the Michigan. Surprisingly in 2003, she was re-elected to the same seat. Her father Edgar Prince is her mentor; Edgar is famous as a billionaire industrialist who his enterprise and life are deemed with success. Check this related article from New York Post.

Devos likes leading a liberal life, is found of helping the less advantaged in the society. During the Bush reign, Betsy Devos was chosen to be the finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee of the United States. Betsy Devos managed to collect an incredible amount of money of about $150000 that was going to help her conduct her philanthropic work. Also, she has played a bigger part in the political cycle; she has given out an approximate amount of $17 million to political candidates and committees in politics

Ordinarily, Betsy Devos is a humble and a kind citizen. Betsy Devos and her beloved Dick Devos made a collaboration to establish a charity foundation in the year 1989. Their Foundation has won appreciation and accolades from companies, and people of great repute including Forbes which named the organization as number 24th in the vast population of America’s top givers in charity works in 2015. Since the foundation was established, it has donated a total of about $139 million, and in 2015 alone it contributed $11.6 million in charity contributions.

Betsy Devos is an icon to reckon. She has struggled to see the less advantaged children get a quality education and lead a successful life. Her gifted great personality has made her speak out loud, defend and support the girl child. Mrs. Betsey Devos has had the passion of leading her life as a liberal citizen, and she has perfected it. She works hard to help residents of less advantaged background to lead a prosperous life. Visit to know more about their foundation.

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