George Soros Donates Over $25 Million towards Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign


In 2016, George Soros made news headlines when he initiated a movement against Trump’s political ambition towards the presidential seat. The wealthy man who had taken a back seat to giving back to the society as well as politics was the main talk in major news wires in the United States of America. Soros had donated over $25million towards Hillary Clinton’s political campaign. Soros, who had retreated from political ventures since his last participation in a bid to defeat George Bush in 2004, silently re-emerged as the cheerleader towards the funding of democratic politics. George Soros first contribution was $25 million channeled to Hillary’s and the democrats’ support.


According to the federal commission of election, records showed that he was expected to make more contributions towards the same cause. Some of Soro’s associates confirmed that he was planning on donating more funds to ensure Hillary Clinton wins. With a twenty-five year relationship as friends, Soros had expected to attend Hillary’s first presidential debate. He, however, could not make it because he had to attend to business in Europe. This was caused by the exit of Britain from the Union of European. The closest people to him said he seemed more politically focused compared to the past years of his participation.

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To Soros, the 2016 presidential elections were motivating. He was hopeful that Hillary would win. According to Michael Vachon, his political advisor, Soros had been consistent with his donations to Democrats. Although that was true, he took it a notch higher in the just finished elections. To him, the stakes were higher compared to any other elections. Vachon added that the stakes were higher for George Soros even before nominations. He considered the other side hostile because to him, Trump did not care about the well-being of the citizens of America. The result of him winning would contribute to criminal injustice and religious intolerance.

Political Influence

Soro’s willingness to transform his accounts to the spigot with the aim of beating Trump was evident in democratic money cycles as a workable strategy for Clinton. Compared to other donors, Soros was seen as the donor with the potential to mobilize other wealthy activists. He influenced donors like Tom Steyer and Don Sussman who donated $31 million and $13.2 million respectively.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

About George Soros

Soros is a prominent businessman hailing from America. He was born in Hungary and has been a great participant in the American politics. He is famous for his contribution towards the recently completed presidential general elections in the United States of America. Soros is also a philanthropist with records showing that he has given up a total of up to $12 billion back to the society. The funds have been used to support either organizations or individuals.

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The Fabletics Revolution

How did Kate Hudson revolutionize the world of activewear? By developing a membership based program, that sells itself as convenient, flexible, and fun. Fabletics utilizes a subscription mechanic to sell activewear to its customers. Fabletic’s unique strategy and clever positioning are reaping many benefits. Fabletics will be opening more physical locations this year. Sixteen Fabletics stores are currently open in places like Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California.

The secret to Fabletic’s success is their unique membership model, which offers personalized service, and trendy activewear that appeals to the fashion conscious woman of today. The prices are also very reasonable when you consider how much you can easily spend at a sporting goods store on classic heavyweight athletic brands.

Another unique feature of the Fabletics business model is their practice of reverse showrooming. Showrooming allows the consumer to browse offline, and then buy the items for cheap elsewhere.

Fabletics restructured the practice of showrooming to work in their favor through their membership program. Almost 50% of shoppers entering their physical stores are already members- add to that, another 25% that sign up for membership at the store. Every time a customer tries on an item of clothing at the store, it is automatically entered to their online shopping cart, giving them the option to purchase the item later online. Fabletic’s still makes the sale, regardless of whether the items are purchased at the physical store, or online.

What is it like to be a member at Fabletics? Take into consideration the review given by popular blogger, “A Foodie Stays Fit.” In her article reviewing Fabletics, she informs us that as a member of Fabletics, joining at a VIP level earns you your first outfit for only $25. According to her, one of the best incentives for joining Fabletics is the unique 2-3 piece outfits that are specially selected for you each month. The outfits range in price from $49-$59, and you’ll have a blast choosing your favorite styles. For the cost, the variety and quality are excellent. Compression, color, and shape retain well over time. If nothing catches your eye on a particular month- don’t stress it. You have the option to skip the month and be charged nothing.

While an average of $50 a month spent on athletic clothing might sound wasteful to some, it really is an excellent investment when you consider the amount normally spent on replacing a tired out workout wardrobe. Having fresh items consistently flowing into your closet, at a fraction of the cost you would have to spend at a high-end athletic store for just one piece, is enough to convince any conservative shopper to sign up. The $0 monthly requirement also makes Fabletics memberships completely risk-free. What are you waiting for? Take the Lifestyle Quiz today to find out which Fabletics gear is best for you!

Todd Lubar: Business Brief

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur, investor, real estate agent, businessperson and loan originator. He is currently employed as the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He and his entire family presently reside in Bethesda, Maryland. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1995, more info can be found on crunchbase profile.

Past Employment

Not too long after graduating with a degree in communications, he accepted a position working in the real estate business. Specifically, he was employed by Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. While working in this position he gained an education in conservative mortgage banking and he also learned about the value of accumulating business contacts.

In 1999 Lubar held an equity position with the Legacy Financial Group. While employed there he lent funds as a direct mortgage bank and brokered additional loans to specific investors. It was 2002 when he took his employment in the real estate industry to yet another level.

He launched a residential development business called Legendary Properties, LLC. His company focused on the acquisition, rehabilitation and the sale of (more than) 200 individual properties. Said acquisitions vary. Some are single family homes and others are large multi-family buildings.

The next year Lubar launched Charter Funding. Charter Funding is actually a subsidiary of another business, the First Magnus Financial Corporation. FMFC is reported to be one of the most renowned, privately-owned mortgage companies in the U.S.

He had also spent the past 12 years studying the market as well. His research in this area led him to the discovery of a number of overlooked and therefore underserved clients. Thus he founded Legendary Financial LLC, a new affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC, and a privately-owned commercial lending firm for both individuals and companies.

With over 7,000 separate transactions added to his repertoire. Todd Lubar had honed his talent to determine all potential risk factors involved with almost any loan scenario and can make the right decisions based largely on what he knows about the present market conditions. During 2007 and 2008 he diversified the bulk of his investments and broadened his financial interests into other kinds of businesses such as automotive metal recycling and commercial demolition.

Additional Interests

Lubar has other interests, too, including his two kids. He likes to travel and also likes Orange County, California. Keen on self-improvement, he endeavors to improve as a person each day and strives to add something of value to everyone’s lives.

Check out his Facebook account for more details.

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How The Founders of EOS Stood Out in a Crowded Market

Lip balm used to be regarded as a practical, yet boring unisex product. The staple design of lip balm was a simple and unexciting cylindrical tube. This was the unchallenged reality of the lip balm market until the advent of the Evolution of Smooth. For decades, major brands such as Blistex and Chapstick crowded the lip balm shelves in every major retailer like Target, Walmart and even Amazon. In an interview with Fast Company, the founders of EOS revealed how the unchanging lip balm market provided them with an excellent opportunity for growth. Because the largest companies had remained uncontested for years, they began to slow down and focus on cutting costs rather than perfecting their product.

Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra, the founders of EOS lip balm, recognized this stagnation and decided to capitalize on the opportunity. By introducing a completely new concept to the lip balm product, the duo was able to transform the market and bring a new sense of vitality and fashion. EOS lip balm quickly became an appealing and trendy beauty product to use. With the help of major celebrities and social media influencers, EOS lip balm was able to promote their new product quite successfully. In fact, EOS became one of the most active advertisers in their market.

One of the key strategies that helped EOS ( to grow quickly and efficiently was a clear understanding of their target consumer base. Before designing their lip balm product, Mehra and Teller examined the consumer demographics of the market. They realized that a large majority of purchases came specifically from women. EOS made a strategic decision to focus their new product on appealing only to women. This precise decision helped to guide the company in terms of design and marketing. It was this deliberate action that helped EOS to stand out amongst the crowded lip balm market.

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Why Bob Reina Wants To Give Away Free Talk Fusion Accounts

Bob Reina has generated millions in sales of Talk Fusion products, but now he’s adding an initiative to provide a free monthly-access account that associates can give away to a non-profit group. Bob Reina is active in several charities in his Tampa, RL neighborhood and he knows that his video marketing products can help many charities around the world inform people of their causes and create a powerful story.

According to Forbes, Bob Reina’s company has been changing many things about marketing that have built strong relationships between businesses and their customers through email newsletters, and now charity groups can keep their supporters up to date with developments and new plans.

Bob Reina really didn’t know how important his Talk Fusion company would become when he first had the idea. He served the Tampa area as a police officer for many years, but then got tired of the usual routine and decided to form his own business endeavors.

While trying out different multilevel marketing niches, Reina came across video emails while vacationing up in North Carolina. He saw how using videos in emails could be highly useful and noticed there was no program to do it at the time, so he worked with a friend of his, Jonathan Chen to build one of his own.

But once that program was finished, he decided to add in newsletters, signup forms, online meeting applications and an array of other software that soon became the baseline of Talk Fusion.

Reina has since become a speaker and a contributor to several marketing technology publications including the Huffington Post and MarTech Advisor where he has an article on the “video advertising trends of 2017.” He also started the Talk Fusion Pays that introduced people to becoming Talk Fusion associates that earn income from referring others and reselling the products in addition to signing them up for free trials.

Those free trials last 30 days and don’t even require a credit card to get started. Associates can dedicate as little or as much time as they’d like to making sales, but those who dedicate themselves to Talk Fusion’s high monthly sales volumes can earn exquisite rewards.

Lori Senecal Named New CP+B Global CEO

Lori Senecal was recently named the new Global CEO of Crisipin, Porter, and Bogusky (CP+B) in Miami Florida. Senecal has been an executive in advertising since about 2006, and she has been seen as an innovator and one of the best thought leaders in her industry. Senecal came from humble beginnings and brings new and innovative ideas to her employers. This has caused her to be one of the best executives that the industry has ever seen.

According to fastcompany after graduating from McGill University with a degree in commerce, marketing, and finance, Senecal was thrust into the world of advertising. She joined an agency near the college and began to think of ways that the industry could do better. When she started working for McCann Worldgroup, she put her new ideas into practice and co-founded TAG Ideation. She soon became the Global Chief Innovation Officer, and then just one year later the President of McCann Worldgroup’s flagship office in New York City.

After her time there, she joined Kirshenbaum, Bond, Senecal, and Partners as the President and CEO. Here Senecal really hit her stride and was able to do more for the industry than ever before. Senecal takes the approach that puts people over process. With this approach, she does not just want another global agency. She wants a creative laboratory that gets rid of the hierarchy that is so prevalent in large, global firms. She wants to incubate the ideas that are coming from the lower rungs of the company so that everything gets considered. She herself is seen as a thought leader, and she wants her employees and clients to become the same way. Check out her linkedin.

With these ideas and new ways of doing things, Lori Senecal really made a mark on the industry. She was giving a Jury Chair for the Isaac Awards, a contest that focuses on invention and innovation in the industry. She also won a Game Changer Award from the Advertising Women of New York. Senecal was also named as one of the advertising executive to watch in 2014 and 2016 by Advertising Age, a leading news and information source for the advertising industry.

Now, Lori Senecal is ready to start her new journey as the Global CEO of CP+B. She will continue to innovate in the field and bring new ideas to the table. Already since her appointment, CP+B has seen record organic growth, and this is all very likely due to their new innovator in the office of the CEO.

You can also visit her tumblr: