Talk Fusion Sets the Stage for Video Marketing

The internet has fundamentally changed the way that we interact and do business with one another. Since the rise of the internet we have seen more and more businesses turn to the digital platform in order to bring their company to that next level. Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina knew that this was the wave of the future and that is why he got in when he did. Talk Fusion is a company predicated around supplying businesses with the ability to communicate and create real and effective advertisements via email. Founded in 2004, Talk Fusion has quickly grown into the top video email marketing company in the world.

Reina’s original goal wasn’t always to establish Talk Fusion. In fact, Reina had wanted to use a program much like his own back in 2004 — before he had even decided to start the company. However, Reina quickly found that most email clients didn’t cooperate with what he wanted to do which was, namely, use videos via email to market to customers.

Now businesses all over the planet are using Talk Fusion in order to broaden their reach and make some serious headway into the realm of marketing their company.

So, Talk Fusion operates on a down payment + small monthly subscription fee. Getting an account through Talk Fusion gives you access to all of the knowledge that Reina has compiled in his digital library as well as the coveted video email marketing client. To utilize this client to the utmost success you’ll need only spend a little bit of time reading documentation.

First off you will need to create or have a professional video created for you. Then you simply drag and drop it into the upload portion of the Talk Fusion program. The video will be placed within the body of your email, allowing you to format the rest of the message to your desires.

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