Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is at the Top of its Game

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a remarkable company with remarkable results. Founded in 1991, the leading document processing company began its journey as a small, local title company only concerned about serving its immediate area. Today it is the largest lien release and assignments provider in the world.


Nationwide has been voted as being included in the top best 100 companies for employees to work for in five of the last six years according to the Tampa Bay Times. The company has 578 employees who are highly trained and who also have over 100 advanced training courses that help them be schooled for advancement, and which the workforce can pursue on a voluntary basis. Over 70% of the workforce participates in these extra courses.


The proprietary technology employed by Nationwide allows the reach into every county and jurisdiction in the United States. They are even able to receive information from records that are not stored digitally but are stored in manilla folders in metal filing cabinets. The hallmark of a successful wholesale document company is how quickly and how accurately they can deliver documents.


Online ordering by clients was recently introduced by making provision on the company’s website. Making the availability of property reports online has gone a long way to help clients verify the accuracy of these reports. If they can be checked out online, defects can be discovered and corrected without having to wait for them to arrive physically.


Nationwide has a .78% failure rate and a 99.98 compliance rate. These are remarkable statistics, and they simply meant that the delivery rate and accuracy are nearly at the 100% level. It is no wonder that the company enjoys such success with top mortgage companies all over the country.


Nationwide’s program for scoring past trailing documents has been a big factor in helping the company prevent future errors and defects. Chelsea Seguin, the company’s Assistant Vice-President of File Services has stated in her recent White Paper that when you keep the score, the score improves. Seguin points out that by looking back at past statistics, there are many possible savings and efficiencies that can be noted and repeated, while the negatives can be isolated and watched so that they are not repeated.


There are good reasons why Nationwide Title Clearing is the leader in their industry. They make best practices of what works, and then they continue to use those practices and eliminate what does not work.


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Don Ressler Has Many Business Interests

Don Ressler has firmly established himself as one of the most brilliant minds in the tech world during the course of his brilliant career. He has been able to thrive for a very long time in the world of startups where few other people have been able to experience repeated success on One of the reasons for Don’s achievements is his remarkable preparation and attention to detail. This has constantly set him apart from many other people in the tech startup world. He has constantly shown that patience is the key to launching a startup at,%20Inc.. This is something that many of his competitors still do not fully understand.

Don Ressler first made a big splash with a tech startup that is called Dermstore. This is a site that sells cosmetics and other products that are related to skincare. Don got the idea for this business venture after discovering that many of the other sites that sold these products were very lacking in their inventories. He also noticed that many of these same sites were severely overpriced. Therefore, he determined that this was a good industry to break into because there was not much decent competition. Don Ressler felt that customers would start coming in droves if he gave them a good selection of products at fair prices. He turned out to be right.

Venture capitalists and other investors wanted to work with Don after the resounding success of Dermstore. He then went on to create a site called JustFab that sells a wide variety of clothing. This site became so popular that it spawned another site called Fabletics that sells athletic apparel on There seems to be nothing that Don is not able to do in the world of tech startups. All of his business ventures turn to gold and become very profitable in no time at all.

Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck
Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

Litigation is a part of law that entails settling various disputes. Whether it is between individuals or businesses, litigation allows one party to address a concern to the other party and arrange a resolution. There are many examples of litigation such as contract disputes and lawsuits.

In a typical litigation case, there will be one party that was supposed to fulfill a certain task in a contract such as providing a service. They didn’t and now the recipient is now looking to get what they were promised. They take the dispute to court in order to arrange a resolution. With litigation, a number of individuals and businesses can more easily resolve any problems that may occur.

Karl Heideck is an attorney who current practices in the Philadelphia metro area. His current specialization in law is risk management and litigation. Over the course of his career, Heideck has represented clients in a number of cases where setting disputes was required. As a litigation attorney, Karl is available to help a number of individuals and businesses more easily address and resolve disputes through filing documentation and going to court. What makes Karl a talented attorney are his many skills. He is very competent in legal writing, knowledgeable of corporate law and also very good at conducting legal research. With all of these skills, Karl has been able to establish himself as one of the top litigation attorneys in Philadelphia.

During the course of his career, Karl has worked at a couple of the top law firms in the Philadelphia area. This has enabled him to practice and represent a couple of the best legal institutions in the area. Over the last several years, Karl has been available to provide advocacy, advice, consultations and representation for a number of clients who are looking to resolve legal matters quickly and efficiently. His knowledge of the law and work ethic have allowed him to stand out as one of the most trusted attorneys in Philadelphia. As far as his educational background is concerned, Karl majored in English and Literature at Swarthmore College and then went on to attend law school at Temple University. He would eventually graduate and pass the bar exam to begin practicing as a lawyer.

For Brad Reifler, Leadership is Second Nature

Bloomberg revealed in an article that Brad Reifler is founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, a company he founded in 2009. He is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in America today.

His leadership experience is as long as it is impressive. Before establishing Forefront Capital, Reifler was a founding partner, chairman and CEO of another firm: Pali Capital, a financial services company with a global network of clientele.

Before founding Pali Capital, he worked at Refco, one of the biggest investment firms in America. Refco’s founder is Ray E. Friedman, Reifler’s grandfather. Learn more about Brad Reifler: and

Before working at Refco, Brad Reifler had founded Reifler Trading Company in 1982. So successful was the company that it attracted the interest of Refco. In the year 2000, Refco acquired Reifler Trading Company, prompting Brad Reifler’s move to Refco where he worked as a star trader.

While he worked at Pali Capital, Brad guided the company to annual revenues of above 1 $Billion. The company which was founded in 1995, expanded rapidly to countries in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. By the time he resigned as CEO in 2008, the company had grown to one of the biggest in America.

The graduate of Bowdoin College has acquired immense knowledge in a career spanning more than three decades. As a result, he holds leadership positions in several firms and sits on several boards.

Reifler is a Partner at CIFCO International Group, a well as Director of ITG Market Research Inc. Additionally; he serves as the director at ROOT Exchange and ITG Investment Research Inc. some of the boards, he sits in include European American Investment Bank, and Foresight Research Solutions.

Other leadership roles he serves in include Director of Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp, and Chairman of the Finance Committee. The enormously successful entrepreneur holds various regulatory licenses including Series 3, 7, 24, and 63.

How To Revolutionize The Tech Game Eric Pulier Style

IT or the technology industry is booming with ideas, innovation, and brilliant minded people. This industry is extremely huge and it just so happens to be one of the most popular and profitable industries of all time. Just about every piece of electronic equipment or small devices have some form of advanced technology implemented in them and this is where Eric Pulier comes into the picture. Eric Pulier isn’t your average everyday tech geek so to speak. This guy is the real deal especially when it comes to creation. He can take the smallest of idea, study it, and then personify it into something productive. There isn’t too many individuals who can achieve such greatness even on their best days.

The Teaneck, New Jersey native is one of the top “thinkers” in society today and he uses his powers for great causes. Eric Pulier created one of the first private social media networks for chronically ill kids. Starbright World instantly became a hit as it allowed these special kids to communicate and to share each others perspectives. This helped to raise the moral of the situation, which was heaven sent in the end. Pulier also created multimedia educational programs for people who suffer from physical disabilities and he has brought technology into underprivileged communities throughout the world. His ability to incorporate technology into everyday lives is simply amazing. He was the top billed nominee at the 2010 U.S. “Doctors For Africabenefit and he’s won numerous other philanthropic awards throughout the years.

Pulier has a clear path in life thanks to his clear vision and train of thought. This technological master sold one of his last founded companies for up to $350 Million as well. This is revolutionizing at it’s finest and Eric Pulier epitomizes it the best.

The Genius Behind Madison Partners and Its Development

The genius behind Madison Partners LLC is Arthur Becker. Becker, a tech mogul who spread his wings after his success in Bio-Tech ventures. Becker was the CEO and Chairman of Zinio, LLC for four years before leaving Zinio and launching Madison Partners, LLC.

Zinio introduced the world to viewing every magazine ( electronically worldwide. Known as the digital newsstand, Zinio introduced people to magazines they would never have known, read, or enjoyed. The virtual newsstand opened windows and doors for news and information in electronic form. There’s very few magazines today that is not distributed electronically.

During an interview with ideamensch, Becker discussed his technology background as a senior advisor at NaviSite, a company involved in both technology and real estate which provided his enthusiasm and knowledge in the tech field of digital magazines. Becker’s interest in technology and real estate took flight when he sold NaviSite in 2011 and moved to Zinio. Leaving Zinio in 2015 his interest in land expanded when he purchased three condominiums in New York City in the Soho District adding glitter to his property interests.

Arthur Becker now has a more relaxed work day schedule and has the time to become more involved in the details of his projects and not held to a cumbersome schedule of phone calls and board meetings. He irons out the final details of the completion of the Soho condominiums and prepares for his next project of building a luxury residential condominium structure in Tribeca.

Real estate fascinates Becker in every stage of development, and adding technology to his projects to build convenience and comfort for people is just another enjoyable part of his genius.

Aside from the technology and structural developments, Becker is intrigued with the future treatments of cancer. Without scientific or medical training, Becker actively stays interested in different approaches to treatments and cures for this illness.

Becker’s continued entrepreneurial interest in critical thinking and his relentless drive will promote his passion for advanced technology and creative thinking.

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Why Securus Technologies Is a Great Tool To Utilize

Securus Technologies should never be taken for granted as it’s a wonderful form of communicative technology that enables people to do a myriad of different things. However, it’s important for people who use it to know exactly what the program offers and how they can benefit from utilizing it.


Securus Technologies has been designed specifically to assist inmates in their communicative efforts. Many people are unaware of whether they will be able to speak with someone who is outside of their correctional facilities. As a result, they may find themselves in a position where they will be seeking different ways of keeping in touch with those on the outside. Visitation times are often limited as jails are so busy that they may not be able to give potential visitors a time to visit within a specified time that’s most convenient for them. As a result, the visitation schedule that the inmate was looking forward to may not occur at all. Be sure to see how Securus Technologies technologies can help you to ensure that a visitation session still occurs.


Securus Technologies has not only helped to connect inmates and their loved ones via means of video chatting, it’s also had an effect of assisting police officials with solving crimes based on some of the things that have been spoken about in the video chatting sessions. The things that are spoken about in the chat sessions can be used to begin certain types of investigative efforts so that the crime no longer takes place within the premises of the jail the inmate is located in. It has not only had an effect on people’s lives in the sense that they’re able to use it to keep in touch, but it’s also had effects of helping to protect the community by solving crimes that were occurring.


Adam Milstein Shares His Secrets to Business Success

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American, who us a real estate investor, community leader and a philanthropist. He was born in Israel, served in IDS during the Yom Kippur War.

Adam Milstein graduated from Technion College in 1978. He first moved to the U.S. in 1981. He earned huis MBA from the University of Southern California and began working in Real Estate. Currently, he is a Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Learn more about more Adam Milstein:

Adam is the co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He is on the board of Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, and Jewish Funders Network.

He is co-founder, along with his wife Gila, if Sifnyat Pijama B’America, an organization that provides free books in Hebrew, that teaches Jewish values. They distribute the books to more than 15,000 families in the United States.

According to Crunchbase, after graduating from USC, Adam Milstein felt that the opportunities for him in the job market were not taking full advantage of his knowledge and experience so he decided to become a commercial real estate broker. Three years later, he decided to make a go of investing his own money in real estate.

Adam attributes his success in real estate to pushing his ideas until they become reality. He follows-up on everything. He claims to enjoy the ups and downs of the real estate market, like when how the supply always lags demand by a few years. Then everything flips around.

Milstein advises entrepreneurs to rely on themselves and don’t look to others for answers. He thinks it is best not to set specific goals, because they limit you.

Also, he recommends that people not plan to strike gold instantly with their ventures. If you put everything you have into one project, expecting to have an instant success, you will likely have just the opposite. You must work at achieving success over a period of time, by honing your skills and working hard.

Best Guide To UK Vintner Wine Production

The wine industry in Europe may have evolved over thousands of years, however certain principles are still applied to keep operations going smoothly. A lot can be learned from experts specializing in wine production. Continue reading and learn some interesting facts.

A Vintner’s Role Winemaking is a delicate process that requires subtle techniques and specialized machinery. Ever since the beginning of wine production, highly skilled technicians called vintners were employed to produce wine. Typical activities for a UK Vintner include pressing grapes with a powerful machine, storing wine in cask to allow maturation and making sure that the flavor is preserved after the wine is placed into a bottle.

Membership In The British Isles Wine production secrets are closely guarded by The Society of Vintners, which is an organization of 26 members operating in the British Isles. No corporations are involved as these are simply family owned businesses that decided to ban together to form alliances that ensure competitive rates, high quality wines and respectability.

UK Wine Websites For a long time many regions in the world lacked any access to U.K. wines due to long distances. Unless shipments were exported to those countries by boat, those regions would never know anything about wine from the U.K. Fast forward to modern times where the internet exist and the situation changes. Since most British wine companies do business online now wine enthusiasts worldwide can enjoy the tasty U.K flavors.

A typical U.K. Vintner webpage is laid out in a grid with different categories. For example, a shopper could specify the type of wine, price or preference for alcohol. If shoppers are placing multiple orders then they can put them in the shopping carts until they are ready to check out. The check out process is straight forward requiring only billing and shipping information, which can be saved for a future order by creating an account. All sensitive information will be secured through high tech encryptions designed to prevent identity theft bringing customers peace of mind.

As stated above the wine industry in the U.K. is old and under careful watch by The Society of Vintners. The industry exist because of an expert known as a U.K Vintner. This person has certain duties, which produce high quality wine, which is eventually sold online. Wine websites are easy to navigate, safe to place orders and feature all the best wines. Next time you get the urge to taste some U.K. wine in a distant country, visit a website and order a bottle.

Mike Baur And The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the principal at the Swiss Startup Factory, and he is in the business of helping businesses grow from the startup phase. The startup phase is where many businesses are stuck, and they are looking for ways to fund their ideas in a more responsible way. This article explains how the work Mike does at the Swiss Startup Factory helps those who are in need of help beginning what may be a successful business.


#1: The Business’ Funding


Funding a new startup is quite simple when it has been structured properly. Mike speaks to each of his clients to ensure they understand the amount of money they need, and he lets them know when they are reaching their funding goals. He knows quite a lot of people who are interested in helping with funding, and he pairs businesses with venture capitalists who have the money to spend.


#2: Building A Functional Business


Mike believes in creating a functional businesses that will operate on a level that is far beyond what other businesses may need. He wants all his clients to know how to build a board of directors, and he wants them to select the proper people to serve in management positions. His joy is in watching a business become fully-fledged when it was small in the beginning.


#3: How Does Mike Service Clients?


Mike is hands-on with each client until they are no longer a startup. There comes a point at which the client is a business with plenty of capital and prospects for the future. He releases them into the world where they may do the most good for others. He will keep in touch, and he is free to offer guidance where it is needed in the future. Building a company from the ground up is simple, and the relationships are the most important part of any growing businesses. Mike’s customer service is legendary and it offers a beacon of hope for each client.


Make Baur is a relationship and startup expert who understands how to build a startup that will grow into something special, and he shows his clients how to start something that may be sustained long in the future. He knows quite a few of clients are simply not in the business of building their businesses as their do not have the acumen, and he helps them find the right direction to move.