Adam Milstein Shares His Secrets to Business Success

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American, who us a real estate investor, community leader and a philanthropist. He was born in Israel, served in IDS during the Yom Kippur War.

Adam Milstein graduated from Technion College in 1978. He first moved to the U.S. in 1981. He earned huis MBA from the University of Southern California and began working in Real Estate. Currently, he is a Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Learn more about more Adam Milstein:

Adam is the co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He is on the board of Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, and Jewish Funders Network.

He is co-founder, along with his wife Gila, if Sifnyat Pijama B’America, an organization that provides free books in Hebrew, that teaches Jewish values. They distribute the books to more than 15,000 families in the United States.

According to Crunchbase, after graduating from USC, Adam Milstein felt that the opportunities for him in the job market were not taking full advantage of his knowledge and experience so he decided to become a commercial real estate broker. Three years later, he decided to make a go of investing his own money in real estate.

Adam attributes his success in real estate to pushing his ideas until they become reality. He follows-up on everything. He claims to enjoy the ups and downs of the real estate market, like when how the supply always lags demand by a few years. Then everything flips around.

Milstein advises entrepreneurs to rely on themselves and don’t look to others for answers. He thinks it is best not to set specific goals, because they limit you.

Also, he recommends that people not plan to strike gold instantly with their ventures. If you put everything you have into one project, expecting to have an instant success, you will likely have just the opposite. You must work at achieving success over a period of time, by honing your skills and working hard.

Best Guide To UK Vintner Wine Production

The wine industry in Europe may have evolved over thousands of years, however certain principles are still applied to keep operations going smoothly. A lot can be learned from experts specializing in wine production. Continue reading and learn some interesting facts.

A Vintner’s Role Winemaking is a delicate process that requires subtle techniques and specialized machinery. Ever since the beginning of wine production, highly skilled technicians called vintners were employed to produce wine. Typical activities for a UK Vintner include pressing grapes with a powerful machine, storing wine in cask to allow maturation and making sure that the flavor is preserved after the wine is placed into a bottle.

Membership In The British Isles Wine production secrets are closely guarded by The Society of Vintners, which is an organization of 26 members operating in the British Isles. No corporations are involved as these are simply family owned businesses that decided to ban together to form alliances that ensure competitive rates, high quality wines and respectability.

UK Wine Websites For a long time many regions in the world lacked any access to U.K. wines due to long distances. Unless shipments were exported to those countries by boat, those regions would never know anything about wine from the U.K. Fast forward to modern times where the internet exist and the situation changes. Since most British wine companies do business online now wine enthusiasts worldwide can enjoy the tasty U.K flavors.

A typical U.K. Vintner webpage is laid out in a grid with different categories. For example, a shopper could specify the type of wine, price or preference for alcohol. If shoppers are placing multiple orders then they can put them in the shopping carts until they are ready to check out. The check out process is straight forward requiring only billing and shipping information, which can be saved for a future order by creating an account. All sensitive information will be secured through high tech encryptions designed to prevent identity theft bringing customers peace of mind.

As stated above the wine industry in the U.K. is old and under careful watch by The Society of Vintners. The industry exist because of an expert known as a U.K Vintner. This person has certain duties, which produce high quality wine, which is eventually sold online. Wine websites are easy to navigate, safe to place orders and feature all the best wines. Next time you get the urge to taste some U.K. wine in a distant country, visit a website and order a bottle.

Mike Baur And The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the principal at the Swiss Startup Factory, and he is in the business of helping businesses grow from the startup phase. The startup phase is where many businesses are stuck, and they are looking for ways to fund their ideas in a more responsible way. This article explains how the work Mike does at the Swiss Startup Factory helps those who are in need of help beginning what may be a successful business.


#1: The Business’ Funding


Funding a new startup is quite simple when it has been structured properly. Mike speaks to each of his clients to ensure they understand the amount of money they need, and he lets them know when they are reaching their funding goals. He knows quite a lot of people who are interested in helping with funding, and he pairs businesses with venture capitalists who have the money to spend.


#2: Building A Functional Business


Mike believes in creating a functional businesses that will operate on a level that is far beyond what other businesses may need. He wants all his clients to know how to build a board of directors, and he wants them to select the proper people to serve in management positions. His joy is in watching a business become fully-fledged when it was small in the beginning.


#3: How Does Mike Service Clients?


Mike is hands-on with each client until they are no longer a startup. There comes a point at which the client is a business with plenty of capital and prospects for the future. He releases them into the world where they may do the most good for others. He will keep in touch, and he is free to offer guidance where it is needed in the future. Building a company from the ground up is simple, and the relationships are the most important part of any growing businesses. Mike’s customer service is legendary and it offers a beacon of hope for each client.


Make Baur is a relationship and startup expert who understands how to build a startup that will grow into something special, and he shows his clients how to start something that may be sustained long in the future. He knows quite a few of clients are simply not in the business of building their businesses as their do not have the acumen, and he helps them find the right direction to move.


Crystal Hunt Beauty and Brains

Who is Crystal Hunt? Crystal Hunt is an American born actress and producer but is most commonly known for her roles in daytime television. Starring in both Guiding Light and One Life to Live, Crystal is popular among soap opera connoisseurs.

Although Hunt has been active as an actress for over thirteen years, her acting experience started when she was just two years of age. At the young age of two Crystal was entered into pageants but even then her true talent was acting.She continued to participate in pageants throughout her childhood. However, what really got her career going in the fast lane was her entry into daytime television at the age of seventeen in New York City.

Hunt as always been a mover and a shaker but even before Hunt she a daytime television A- lister, she was already meeting celebrities such as the band NSYNC. During this time Crystal worked alongside the band for a short time while working on a commercial.

Hunt’s filmography is as diverse as she is as she has worn many different hats. Her accomplishments in the acting world include starring in two soap operas, sitcoms, major motion pictures; including Magic Mike XXL, television advertisements, announcing for television shows, emceeing events for Country Music Television, and even producing.

She has an entrepreneurial spirit as well. Hunt is a business owner who operates a thriving, upscale pet boutique. The store is located in her hometown of Clearwater Florida. Hunt is an established actress with way more than one trick up her sleeve.  Join the rest of her fans on her personal Facebook.

Every Day Video Visitation With The Securus App

The Securus app has become our lifeline since we started talking to our cousins in jail. We have been wondering how they were doing, but there was no other way to talk to them because we had to call the jail with a special service. I found out that I could do a video with Securus, and that is when I started with them. They are great for special occasions, but Securus works every day.

We have Securus on our phones, and one of us calls them every day just to make sure that someone is checking on them. We have this great system that works for our family because it gives our cousins the assurance that they need because they are both stuck in jail. We know that we cannot do much more for them, but we want to at least do this for them because we know that it makes a difference.

I have called them a lot over the video feature, and we always have much better talks because we can see each other. I know that this seems small to some people, but I prefer to see them. We grew up with these kids, and this is the only thing that we know. We have to talk to them face to face.

I would tell anyone to use the Securus app because it can get people in touch in seconds. I can make a video call to a jail, and that is something that people would never have been able to do in the past. We would have had to make our way to the jail, and that is just not going to work for us. This is a much better way for us to talk, and it is happening on all our phones every day.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Eric Pulier: A Leader of the 21st Century

By the turn of the 21st century, America had been no stranger to rising number of computer engineers and rising entrepreneurs. However, as many small time business owners slip to the wayside of public recognition, there are those few who make a lasting contribution to the places in society where they leave their mark. One such entrepreneur is Eric Pulier.

A recognized businessman, writer, philanthropist, and technology enthusiast, Eric Pulier showed a passion for technology at a young age. As early as four years old, Eric had begun programming computer systems. By the time he’d reached high school, he’d already launched a computer database company. In 1988, he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a degree in English and American Literature. With a strong background in technology and the humanities, he moved to Los Angelas in 1991 and founded the company People Do Things. The company’s focus areas were broad (consisting of healthcare, education, and other social issues), but shared a common theme: solutions through technology.

Pulier later went on to found the interactive agency Digital Evolution in 1994, and lead the initiative to create Starbright World (a social networking site for chronically ill children. He participated in the 1997 Bridge to the 21st Century Exhibition in Washington D.C., after which he was a speaker in Vice President Al Gore’s healthcare and technology forum. He was also a supporter and participant in the Clinton Global initiative, and (true to his nature in helping chronically ill children) became a philanthropic champion for organizations like The Painted Turtle and the X-Prize Foundation.

The world isn’t as small as it used to be, and many entrepreneurial philanthropists have risen over the years. But it’s a rare occurrence to hold such commitment to a singular vision for global betterment and uses their passion means to improve the life of so many. Eric Pulier is one of these people. His passion is technology, and his vision is to use it to improve the lives of those less fortunate.

John Goullet: An Unstoppable IT Staffing Giant

The 21st century is a robust time in the computing and programming industries. With thousands of jobs constantly being added to this ever-growing industry, it’s crucial to remember the importance of racial and cultural diversity in the workplace. Nobody quite understands this like the employees at Diversant, and their Principal Executive John Goullet.

With over 15 years of technology industry experience, John Goullet has become a IT staffing leader. After graduating from Ursinus College in Philidelphia in 1983, Goullet became the Owner and CEO of Info Technologies Inc. in 1994. Over the next decade Info Staffing Technologies became a giant in IT staffing solutions. The success of Goullet’s staffing business was enhanced as the company developed incredible efficiency in employment. However, Goullet didn’t stop there. In 2010, Info Staffing Technologies merged with the diverse IT staffing leader Diversant Inc. to form Diversant, LLC: making the cooperation the largest African American-owned IT staffing solutions firm in the United States. With the far-reaching diversity of Diversant Inc. now joined with the precision and experience of Goullet’s own firm, the new Diversant became a different juggernaut in the IT staffing world that still stands strong today.

Despite his massive success in the staffing world, Goullet shows no sign of slowing down his progress in the field. He’s served as a chairman and Principal Executive for Diversant since the merger and continues to seek new solutions to staffing and diversity challenges. The company has grown into a massive enterprise and is recognized for their core values and respect for all affiliates. While it’s easy to think about John Goullet’s impressive past contributions to the business, it’s important to remember that he’s not slowing down. He’s a man who created a very successful business and then merged that business into a massively successful firm and continues working to better that firm to this day. Goullet’s not just a business man, he’s a man with vision and a man of passion. He truly is a man of the 21st century.

Additional Sources:–1-DwI5js3mzSVtAQ

Why Kenneth Goodgame is a Reputed Business Person

Kenneth Goodgame is a reputed name when it comes to entrepreneurship and marketing. He is an expert in marketing as well as finance. Goodgame studied Marketing and Finance back at the University of Tennessee. At the moment, he is both the Chief Marketing Officer and the Senior Vice President at the True Value Hardware Company. This is a position which he has held for the past three years. He is not only reputed for being one of the highly influential managers of his time but he is also experienced in creating excellence wherever he goes.

As a highly sought after management leader, Goodgame specialises in the creation of excellent and innovative operations systems that help companies achieve both profitability and productivity. He is an innovative marketer who helps companies change the way they do business so that they can achieve more success. With a combination of merchandizing and streamlined financial support, Goodgame has helped many companies get out of their comfort zone and be their best.

Kenneth Goodgame usually focuses on the points which most companies fail to take into consideration. He is also keen on assessing the financial and product markets so as to see what weakness and challenges can be harnessed and used in favor of the company. He is not only into innovative merchandising and marketing but also in the development of long-lasting systems that businesses can use to grow exponentially. His experience is derived from the top positions which he has held before and which saw him develop quality systems that helped other companies.

With his vast experience and knowledge in how financial markets work and how people can make losses because of lack of knowledge or keenness, Goodgame uses these skills to the advantage of his clients. His advice can help you steer off the road of failure and keep you on the right track as a business. He will help you balance your corporate alignment with employee engagement so as to improve performance indicators. He will also ensure that you capitalize on your ability to grow and lead through cost analysis, quality improvement and strategic negotiations.

Talk Fusion Sets the Stage for Video Marketing

The internet has fundamentally changed the way that we interact and do business with one another. Since the rise of the internet we have seen more and more businesses turn to the digital platform in order to bring their company to that next level. Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina knew that this was the wave of the future and that is why he got in when he did. Talk Fusion is a company predicated around supplying businesses with the ability to communicate and create real and effective advertisements via email. Founded in 2004, Talk Fusion has quickly grown into the top video email marketing company in the world.

Reina’s original goal wasn’t always to establish Talk Fusion. In fact, Reina had wanted to use a program much like his own back in 2004 — before he had even decided to start the company. However, Reina quickly found that most email clients didn’t cooperate with what he wanted to do which was, namely, use videos via email to market to customers. So Reina pulled together a crew of developers and he got to work starting up Talk Fusion.

Now businesses all over the planet are using Talk Fusion in order to broaden their reach and make some serious headway into the realm of marketing their company. Let’s take a look at how exactly Talk Fusion works in order to see if it would be a match for your needs.

So, Talk Fusion operates on a down payment + small monthly subscription fee. Getting an account through Talk Fusion gives you access to all of the knowledge that Reina has compiled in his digital library as well as the coveted video email marketing client. To utilize this client to the utmost success you’ll need only spend a little bit of time reading documentation.

First off you will need to create or have a professional video created for you. Then you simply drag and drop it into the upload portion of the Talk Fusion program. The video will be placed within the body of your email, allowing you to format the rest of the message to your desires.

More on Talk Fusion:

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